Gymnastics Handstand Bar


The gymnastics handstand bar can be used for learning and practicing gymnastics skills, calisthenics exercises and strength and conditioning drills including (this is not an exhaustive list) :

  • Squat on
  • Pike on
  • Straddle on
  • Front support
  • Tuck lever
  • Pike lever
  • Straddle lever
  • Tuck planche
  • Straddle planche
  • Planche
  • Handstand
  • Handstand pirouette / turns on bar
  • Pike shoot
  • Straddle shoot
  • Upstart

Not sure how to incorporate your gymnastics floor bar into your workout? Have a look at our videos below for some great training tips!

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Wooden Gymnastics Handstand Bar

▪️This gymnastics handstand bar is ideal for practicing gymnastics at home, with anti-slip grips on the feet of the bar.
▪️Develop your bar skills anywhere with this portable floor bar.
▪️The gymnastics bar has a wipe clean finish, reducing the risk of sweat absorbing and of the bar becoming grimy.
▪️This gymnastics floor bar is intended to replicate the feel of Women’s Artistic Gymnastics Asymmetric Bars, with a thicker dowel diameter than our small gymnastics parallettes and large gymnastics parallettes.

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☑️Always use on a flat surface.
☑️Always use while under supervision of a responsible person.
☑️Use only as intended – the user is responsible for their use of the product and any injury that may arise from their use of the product.
☑️Do not exceed the maximum load of 100kg.

Gymnastics Handstand Bar


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