Foundational Skills – Work Cards


Gymnastics Work Cards – Foundational Skills

▪️Educational gymnastics work cards.
▪️Ideal for teaching gymnastics skills in school, in clubs and practicing gymnastics skills at home.
▪️Learn fundamental gymnastics shapes and gymnastics skills with clear diagrams.
▪️These work cards are a high quality visual learning aid for gymnastics.
▪️You are purchasing a PDF copy of these gymnastics skills work cards which you will receive in a confirmation email from us.



Gymnastics Work Cards – Foundational Skills

This PDF resource includes the following skills:





☑️Cartwheel – Star

☑️Cartwheel – Lunge

☑️Forward Roll – Tucked

☑️Sideways Roll

☑️Teddy Bear Roll

☑️Frog Balance

☑️Shoulder Stand

☑️Tuck Lever

☑️Pike Lever

☑️Straddle Lever


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Foundational Skills – Work Cards


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