StrongHold Gymnastics & Fitness Limited is based in Northern Ireland, United Kingdom. Leaders for Gymnastics Equipment in NI, United Kingdom.

We produce high quality, beautifully designed gymnastics equipment and gymnastics training aids for use in gymnastics in clubs as well as for home gymnastics practice. Our equipment and training aids are ideal for practicing calisthenics, as well as improving general fitness, Crossfit, hand balancing, acrobatic gymnastics, circus performing and more.

Having used a variety of existing parallettes and handstand bars, we found that the majority of these had notable flaws in design, safety and function. Our wooden gymnastics parallettes and gymnastics handstand bars have been designed and refined to be as safe and comfortable for use as possible, and are competitively priced in respect to their quality.

Where a maximum load has been advised, the product has undergone load safety testing to ensure of its quality. We use high quality materials to create maximum benefits for each product, with a minimalistic-style finish.

We aim to help you enhance your training with our products. We would love to see your journey – stay connected with us on Facebook and Instagram and tag us so we can see you #TrainSaferTrainSuperior.

Got a question? You can get in touch with us here.

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